Schaefer’s Uncorked TUESDAY: Marc Mondavi w/ Charles Krug & Divining Rod

TUESDAY, April 23rd: 5-7pm

Marc MondaviMarc Mondavi, of the world renowned Mondavi Wine family, is excited to share his new wines. They aren’t just natural, they’re supernatural! Marc’s latest brand, The Divining Rod, is based on real world “magic”.

Considered by many to be one of the top “water witches” in California today, Marc and his family created this brand as a tribute to both their family history in winemaking as well as the art of water divining, a.k.a. dowsing. Stop by and let Marc introduce you to the craft of water divination. Oh yeah, his wines are really good, too! Marc will also have several of his family wines from Charles Krug open to taste. 5-7pm.



Great videos on Marc and his projects.

NOTE: This event is on a TUESDAY evening, not the regular Wednesday or Thursday.


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