Wine Tasting Sat. Feb. 2nd 11-5pm

Stock up for the Super Bowl!

The “Big Game” is almost here and we’ve got everything to complete your party list: Cold beer, ice, dips & spreads, and chips. Even our weekly wine tasting lineup is sure to score big at your shindig!

Take the heat off those spicy wings with Bex Dry Riesling. Refresh your palate with True Myth Chardonnay. Enjoy the nachos with Chatron la Fleur Bordeaux Blanc or Buena Vista Pinot Noir. Pair up your sliders, Sloppy Joe’s and chili with Sandrone Dolcetto d’Alba or Four Vines “Old Vine” Zinfandel

Try Chicago’s own Pipeworks “Ninja vs. Unicorn” Double IPA and Revolution Brewery’s “Rev Pils”!

Plenty of Deli goodies to try as well: Tavern Olive Cheese Spread, Food for Thought Bean & Corn Salsa, Olivia’s Beer Cheese, Dipping Pretzels and Rosemary Chipotle Cashews!

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