Wine Tasting Sat. Aug. 3rd 11-5pm

Vino & Paté!

Fill your senses with tastes from award-winning vintners, wines that range from comforting to robust. We’re popping the corks on: Voveti Prosecco, Stellina Pinot Grigio, Pasquale Pelissero Crose Rosé, Brezza Dolcetto d’Alba, Fattoria Resta Guasparino Toscana,  and Allegrini Valpolicello…Saluti!

Paté is “the new black!” Schaefer’s has been selling the largest variety of the best patés around. We’re sampling mousses, country style, galantine and more. Chicken, duck, goose and all kinds of game, with all the accoutrements.

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